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The Cold Pressed Truth is that most of us aren’t getting enough fruits and veggies on a daily basis.

According to the CDC, only 1 in 10 Americans is eating the recommended daily intake. In the fragile balance between work, school & family, making time for healthy habits sounds like the straw that will ultimately break the proverbial camels back.

We believe it doesn’t have to be a chore, and while seemingly overwhelming it can truly be quite simple. Here are our 5 Hacks to Healthier Living:

Develop a Hydration Habit. Invest in a reusable glass bottle and leave it on your nightstand to ensure you get a full 16oz of purified goodness as soon as you wake up. Refill it after you’ve brushed your teeth and leave it on your nightstand to ensure you get another 16oz before you lay your head down to sleep at night.

Cold Pressed Juice should become your new main squeeze! Cold-pressed juices are nothing but fruits and vegetables. The Cold Press process allows your body to absorb all of its goodness within minutes. We never pasteurize, HPP, heat, freeze or water down our drinks. We never add preservatives, GMOs, sugar, or sweeteners, and only use the freshest, organic foods to craft our products.

Take a Scottish Shower! A shower that starts off hot but ends cold can be the invigorating jumpstart in your morning routine. Cold Showers impart real health benefits including improved circulation, a shinier mane, and glowing skin. It will also help your conservation of this precious resource by encouraging you to waste less time in the water.

Be Mindful & Meditate. You don’t need a mantra, but you can have one if you want or just adopt ours; The Truth is in Your Karma. Counting breaths, using sound and just allowing your mind to move from one thought to another will help you to reach a zen state. It’s ok if you fall asleep, that brief power nap is very restorative.

Follow the Golden Rule. Cultivate kindness and your body will show you its gratitude. Intentionally practicing compassion in our everyday lives breeds happiness. These good feelings reinforce our kind acts and make us more likely to want to do them in the future. Rachel Piferi of Johns Hopkins University and Kathleen Lawler of the University of Tennessee found that participants in charitable acts lowered their blood pressure.

Our five life hacks are easy to implement and may already be a tried and true part of your daily routine. If you have just started on a path to wellness, send us your tips and tricks to [email protected] We would love to feature them!


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