Spreading Good Karma, One Juice At A Time


Karma means whatever you put in… you get out, whether its life, your body or how you treat others. Karma’s purpose is to help us achieve harmony and balance in all areas of our life. At Karma Juice, we take that same purpose to help you feed your mind, body, and soul the freshest, organic foods and beverages available today.

Karma Juice was founded by two serial entrepreneurs from different walks of life that came together with a common passion to form the most innovative and convenient organic, cold-pressed, non-GMO beverage company in the United States. The Karma Juice story began from a shared dream to educate people worldwide about the benefits of juicing and clean eating along with eliminating chemical ridden and toxic foods from our daily diets.

Co-founder, David Ventura, an avid juicer, yogi and health enthusiast has seen the results in his own life from juicing and clean eating. David learned that fresh juice provides us with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and much more. All of these factors are vital to maintaining good health. Making fresh juice a daily part of his diet, he enjoys increased energy, better complexion, a strengthened immune system and a reduced risk to disease.

It was a hot summer day, in June 2014, David picked up one of the cold-pressed juices at his yoga studio and saw an opportunity to realize his long-time dream of educating people on the importance of juicing, clean eating and better nutrition. David soon meet Martin Osete, renowned chef and juice formulator, and the two immediately bonded over their mutual love of delivering convenient nutrition through organic foods and beverages that also tasted good. Martin was convinced with the health benefits of juicing when he lost a much needed 75 pounds while formulating various fruit and vegetable drinks in his home in 2010. The two formed Karma Juice with a mission to serve the world with the freshest organic foods and juices creating the best experience possible in healthy living.

Karma juice is all about education. We believe in accurate and truthful nutritional information on every bottle. No exceptions. We use an innovative cold-pressed technology and balance each drink with the right amount of fiber to encourage optimal nutrient assimilation and absorption in the body. Our juicing facility is located very close to the highest quality, independent organic growers in the state. And all our raw ingredients are shipped directly to our kitchens on a daily basis.

You will find Karma Juice to be the most convenient juicing company in existence today. We deliver directly to your home or office 6 days a week and all of our products our fresh from our kitchen to your doorstep. At Karma Juice, we are more than a juice company… we are a community. We donate product weekly to the homeless and have partnered with health and fitness, corporate and community based organizations to promote better living, better health and to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of life.

The truth is in your Karma. By courageously choosing to experience love, life and kindness we can literally improve and save lives.

The team came together to form Karma Juice to bring you the best in organic and Non-GMO juices and foods and help you achieve a healthier, richer and fuller life.

Join us on the journey to better health… better living.

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About the Author:

Anthony is an investor, writer, lifestyle entrepreneur and a high performance coach. He developed a passion for health and nutrition in his corporate career after years of managing an extensive travel schedule and his own food sensitivities. When he isn’t writing for Karma Juice or his own lifestyle blog, you can find him climbing around the Rocky Mountains with his camera or enjoying an afternoon with his EC signature strat. Learn more at AnthonySelvaggi.com.


  1. Amber August 12, 2015 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    The website looks amazing guys! I just ordered my Karma package. Can’t wait to try it. Congrats on your new launch.

  2. Kimi September 2, 2015 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    So excited for the new branding and to stock my fridge with delicious smoothies and juices! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. Robert Church February 2, 2016 at 12:35 pm - Reply

    Looks really great Dave, nice work!

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