12 Days of Juicemas

12 Days of Juicemas ahem Cleansemas

Ok, so maybe the headline is slightly misleading. We are coming up to the Final Countdown for the Holidays but it’s never too late to experience all the feels that come with going on a fancy cold pressed juice cleanse or in this case cleansemas!

Ahem, let’s change this up to The 12 Emotions of Cleansemas!

  1. Good Karma because you’re in a perfect position to experience a positive impact on your overall well-being. Holiday Shopping doesn’t sound so bad after a chilled Electro Melon
  2. Passion for health and happiness will inevitably be a result when you include some Passion in your Cleansemas!
  3. Invincible because arming your body with Karma Defense is quite simply the best armour against any common cold the season can bring!
  4. Peace is something we can all intentionally bring into our lives and Harmony is contagious.
  5. Bliss utter, natural bliss. Float away on cloud nine while increasing your brain power after sipping on some Blueberry Bliss
  6. Indulgent a cleanse isn’t about giving anything up, it’s about allowing your body to indulge in what’s going to make you feel incredible, Chocolate Fate is no exception
  7. Gratitude comes when you are able to reset your eating habits and kickstart something better during your cleansemas when you no longer feel cravings for processed junk, share a little Gratitude today.
  8. Triumph after all it’s your destiny to be free from harmful cravings and live a balanced, focused life so you may Prosper
  9. Love is all you need as long as you also have Love, go ahead, bask in the romance!
  10. Abundance when your body is happy, you glow and it shows. Leading life with health in abundance is radiant and priceless, bring back your Essence this cleansemas
  11. Energized is more than just a buzzword, Rocket into your next project, dream or life experience
  12. Calm when the cleansemas is done you’ll experience a calm like never before, savor in it and skip through those strawberry fields forever

Happy Cleansemas!

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