About Anthony Selvaggi

Anthony is an investor, writer, lifestyle entrepreneur and a high performance coach. He developed a passion for health and nutrition in his corporate career after years of managing an extensive travel schedule and his own food sensitivities. When he isn’t writing for Karma Juice or his own lifestyle blog, you can find him climbing around the Rocky Mountains with his camera or enjoying an afternoon with his EC signature strat. Learn more at AnthonySelvaggi.com.

The Power of Meditation: How to Start

By | 2016-11-09T23:48:28+00:00 September 10th, 2015|Health and Renewal|

  You know you’re in a war… right? Ok.  So no actual guns or tanks are involved, but you are indeed in a battle. You need to make a living, the kids have to get to school, the boss is waiting for your report, your partner wants to spend time with you, and you have [...]

Healthy Brain, Healthy Life – 7 Ways You Can Boost Brain Function

By | 2016-11-09T23:48:28+00:00 September 4th, 2015|Health and Renewal|

  The human brain has amazed and baffled people for hundreds of years. It's the most complicated and miraculous organ in the universe. It controls everything you see, say, feel, and do. With such a powerful tool at your disposal, doesn't it make sense for you to understand how it works and how to make [...]

Spreading Good Karma, One Juice At A Time

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  Karma means whatever you put in… you get out, whether its life, your body or how you treat others. Karma’s purpose is to help us achieve harmony and balance in all areas of our life. At Karma Juice, we take that same purpose to help you feed your mind, body, and soul the freshest, [...]