5 Facts That Will Keep You Free Of Colds and Flu

Fever, body aches, and respiratory distress.

Colds and flu’s are the leading causes of doctor visits, missed days from work and school, and so far, this season is no exception.  Americans suffer from approximately 1 billion colds per year, or about two to four colds per year for the average adult.

Many people believe that colds and flu are caused by bacteria, but this is simply not the case. Colds and flu are caused by viruses, and using antibiotics to treat a viral infection is ineffective.

Viruses are orders of magnitude smaller than bacteria and have entirely different structures that make antibiotics useless.

If you constantly feel surrounded by a chorus of coughs and sneezes — at the office, at the grocery store, or even at home — you’re not alone.

Here a 5 things you can use to build your defenses and keep those nasty little critters away.

Drink More Water.  Simple.  Did you know that water makes up more than half our body weight? It’s in every cell of your body.  And it’s an essential component of the fluids in our body including lymph.  Lymph is a fluid and is part of our immune system.  It helps fight illness and infection. It circulates white blood cells and nutrients to all the body’s tissues. So water is important for keeping our immune system functioning optimally to fight infections. A healthy individual should try to drink six to eight glasses of water per day, more if the weather is hot or you are sick.

Take Vitamin C.  It is an important antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy. Vitamin C is used in the maintenance of bones, muscle, and blood vessels. It works by suppressing the activation of viral genes, so viruses cannot replicate inside human cells. Vitamin C also helps to rid the body of harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood. It is found naturally in vegetables and fruits, especially oranges and other citrus fruits.

Oregano Oil.  The higher the carvacrol concentration, the more effective it is. Carvacrol is the most active antimicrobial agent in oregano oil.  One drop in water every couple of hours is a powerful antiviral and antibiotic.

Take More Vitamin D.   It’s an amazingly effective antimicrobial agent, producing 200 to 300 different antimicrobial peptides in your body that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  The results of a 2009 study published in the archives of internal medicine, showed that people with low levels of vitamin D are more susceptible to catching colds. This is because the body uses Vitamin D as a chemical messenger in local immune responses to support the immune system. A way to incorporate more Vitamin D into your day is by consuming roughly 5,000 IU/day. There is strong evidence indicating that the current RDA for Vitamin D (400-600 IU) is too low. In addition, you could always take a break from whatever you are doing and go outside for a 10-30 minute walk in the sun. This is another way to get some fresh air and a little extra Vitamin D.

Drink Hot Tea and Homemade Bone Broth.  Hot liquids have been shown to stimulate the immune system and stop the proliferation of the flu virus. Sipping hot herbal teas, homemade chicken soup and hot water with lemon juice, honey, and turmeric will help to relieve your symptoms and get you back on your feet, fast.  Our Defense cold-pressed juice is great for cold’s and flu 8 ounces 0f  fresh pressed green apple, oil of oregano, honey, ginger and tumeric.

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